First look at beer brewed with COBREW

CO2 Reclamation

Lolo Peak Brewing Company became the first brewery in Montana to install and operate a carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling system which is capable of reducing our carbon footprint more than 90%. To accomplish this we partnered with the Missoula-based company, CO Brew.

Breweries use CO2 for a wide range of tasks including carbonation, packaging, purging tanks and transferring beer. That CO2 is typically sourced from fossil fuels then transported in trucks that burn fossil fuels, creating greenhouse gases. The brewing process creates large amounts of CO2 during fermentation (when the yeast converts sugars into alcohol), which is allowed to escape into the atmosphere.

To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we implemented the CO Brew Gas Recovery System. This system captures, cleans, and stores the CO2 produced from one batch of beer and used to carbonate another batch of beer. With the CO Brew System, we are preventing approximately 70,000 cubic feet of CO2, a greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere each year. That’s equivalent to the daily emissions of 250 cars.

Come in and ask us about sustainable brewing! Or learn more about CO Brew and the Gas Recovery System at their site.