The Story

“9 miles over a high mountain steep & almost inaxcessible much falling timber which fatigues our men & horses exceedingly, in stepping over so great a number of logs added to the steep assents and [descents] of the mountains . . . rained and snowed & hailed the greater part of the day all wet and cold” – Capt. Clark, September 14, 1805

Old Toby or Pikee Queenah (Swooping Eagle) led the Corps of Discovery on this extremely difficult portion of their journey toward the Pacific Ocean. The departure point for this portion of the Expedition was Travelers’ Rest, which is located 1/2 mile south of the Lolo Peak Brewing Company. He led the Expedition over the jagged and rough Bitterroot Range to the Clearwater country of present-day Idaho where they met up with the Nez Perce people. Unfortunately, Old Toby’s essential assistance to the Lewis & Clark Expedition is largely forgotten in popular history.

The Beer

Like home cooking, the Old Toby Porter is familiar and approachable. The aromas of coffee and roasted malts fill the nose on the first sip of this subtly sweet porter. The robust flavors are present, but not alarming. A relaxing pint to soothe the soul.

The At Home Pairing

Roasted, smoked and barbecued foods, including beef, poultry, seafood, sausage, chili and hearty stews. Try with cheesecake for dessert

The At Home Recipes

Old Toby Porter Marinated Steak with Cilantro Horseradish Cream

Cheese Pairing

Asiago, Brie, Colby, Gloucester. Emmental, aged Gouda, and Gruyère


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