The Story

Lawrence “LouLou” Rence trapped and hunted the mountains of the Bitterroot Range soon after the Corps of Discovery came through the area. In 1810, English explorer David Thompson wrote that he had met a free trapper known as “Lolo” (Lawrence Rence) who lived up along the creek in the canyon. The Salish pronounced Lawrence as Lou Lou or Lo Lo and so the creek became known as “where Lo Lo lived.”

On a one particular evening along a tributary of Lolo Creek, LouLou might his ultimate fate as he was fatally mauled by a grizzly bear. That creek is now known as Grave Creek, and small cross marks Rence’s final resting place.

The Beer

Like Rence’s life, the LouLou Amber Ale is an adventure. The moderate hoppiness balanced by caramel sweetness with hints of citrus and chocolate lingering in the background.The single whiff of this beer fills the nose with floral and caramel notes.

The At Home Pairing

This beer with a burger is a lights out combo.

The At Home Recipes

LouLou Amber Green Death Hot Sauce

The First Brew…Ever!

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