Chef Eric Johnson

Introducing Executive Chef Eric Johnson

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Chef Eric Johnson
Chef Eric Johnson

From my earliest memories I was lucky enough to experience regional cuisines from around the world. I lived in married student housing with my parents and the neighborhood was full of ethnic foods, Magda and Isam’s grilled lamb, Ma Ling’s chile spiked stir fries, Vivian’s soul scorching verde sauce, and my Mom’s meatloaf. My culinary explorations have taken me over half way around the world to places like the New Zealand, Mexico, The Caribbean, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and 34 of the 50 Continental United States. Always the adventurer Eric has experimented with these cuisines along the way and developed a deep appreciation for the cultures from which they spawned.

My formal training at Western Culinary Institute coupled with 23 years of experience in private and institutional food service provides him with a diverse background. As an Executive Chef of Lolo Peak Brewery I hope to bring this world view and experience to the food. I also believe you can bring the world flavors to locally grown food and highlight the bounty that comes from Montana.

Eric’s professional credo:

In all professions but especially in the world of food one is a student all their life and my life is food.

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  1. Looks like Chef Johnson created some great menu items ! I love the idea of posting the recipes so I can try them at home. Better yet, I’ll come out to your place and sample them first hand from the Maestros. Chef Johnson’s credo is interesting.

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