The Story

Alpenglow in the high mountains
Alpenglow in the high mountains

Alpenglühen or Alpenglow occurs in the high mountains when the light off of the snow and ice takes on a pink to red hue. The optical phenomenon lasts only a few minutes, and only occurs with the correct conditions. The sun has to be below the horizon, so the light has to reflect and refract off of airborne ice crystals. A unique soft and warm mood is set.

The Beer

Blood Orange
Blood Orange

Like it’s namesake, this American Wheat ale has a soft and warm character. . The full aroma swirls with citrus and fruity esters due to the addition of blood orange and the particular qualities of the yeast.

As an American wheat ale, the AlpenGlow has slightly more hop character and less of the classic hefeweizen clove and banana flavors than its German weissbier cousins.

The At Home Food Pairing

Salads with fruity or lemony vinaigrette dressings, lemon-accented poultry and light seafood (shrimp and scallops)

Cheese Pairing

Camembert, Chèvre & Mozzarella

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